Hey, this is Guangyuan.

Yet another human being.

I am a Software Engineer and a recent graduate from UWaterloo. I was born in Yangzhou, China and brought up in the same city. One of my favourite places there is my high school, in which I joined the school Olympiad in Informatics team and found my passion about coding.

What fascinated me the most is that technology has great power in making people’s lives better. I am passionate about automation and I strive for excellence in each project I took while learning as much as possible along the way.

When I’m not working or serving open-source duties, I like to spread my love in photography. I am also an aviation enthusiast - meaning that I spot planes, ride on planes whenever possible, and am currently in the process of learning to fly one of those little ones. I also love karting and travelling.

Let’s get connected.

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