Hello world!

Posted by Guangyuan Yang on August 7, 2017

As programmers, hello world is our go-to line for celebrating first attempts on every new language we learnt, every new technology we tried and each and every platform that we used.

As a matter of fact, we all have random (naive but interesting) thoughts popping out of our heads every day. There’s an old Chinese saying that states “the faintest ink is better than the best memory”. And starting today, this blog will be my thoughts gathering place for ideas, code, photos, experiences, basically anything that I found interesting and worth sharing.

“Your English is pretty good”, they said. It took me some time to figure out that people say that as a compliment when they noticed I was “good enough” but had not yet mastered the language. I can’t wait to keep developing my language skills till there is no appreciable trouble, and that’s also the reason why I always wanted to start writing.

On the technical side, this blog is generated by Jekyll, the static blog generator, with minimal-mistakes theme. Disqus is configured to manage comments for now, but since it is not available on the other side of the Great Wall, I guess I will host my own comments management system eventually. Since I am hosting the site on my own server, I also configured Travis CI for continuous intergration and automatic deployment (I will probably write about it soon). I am proud to say that this blog and a lot of my other services are powered by FreeBSD.

The source code is on GitHub as well, that means if you spot a spelling error or a grammar mistake, or you just feel like writing something with me, feel free to create an issue or submit a pull request. I would really appreciate that.

I hope that I can post something here at least once a month. There is completely no pressure though, so don’t count on that.

Anyway, hello world!